Microsoft Announces up to $20,000 Reward Under Xbox Bug Bounty Program

Microsoft has reported the dispatch of the Xbox Bounty Program for gamers and digital security analysts to help distinguish security vulnerabilities in the Xbox Live system and administrations. In a blog entry distributed Thursday, the organization said that the objective of the bug bounty program is “to reveal critical vulnerabilities that have an immediate and self evident effect on the security of Microsoft’s clients”, and qualified entries will be qualified for bounty rewards of $500 to $20,000.

Microsoft Announces up to $20,000 Reward Under Xbox Bug Bounty Program

Likewise with most bug bounty programs, the vulnerabilities must be beforehand unreported and, must be reproducible on the most recent, completely fixed variant of the organization’s Xbox Live system and administrations at the hour of accommodation. They’ll likewise need to straightforwardly influence the security of Xbox clients, which implies Remote Code Execution imperfections that are the highest point of the pile as far as seriousness, will acquire the most extreme reward. Others, similar to benefit height, bypassing of security highlights and satirizing will acquire littler rewards somewhere in the range of $1,000 and $5,000.

Out-of-scope vulnerabilities incorporate Denial-of-Service issues since that will expect analysts to complete DoS/DDoS testing, consequently meddling with the organization’s administrations. The organization additionally says that server-side data revelation, low-sway CSRF bugs, sub-area takeovers, treat replay vulnerabilities, fundamental URL sidetracks and anything that includes phishing or social building assaults against Microsoft representatives or clients are likewise ineligible for rewards under the program.

The Xbox bug bounty program comes only a couple of months after the organization revealed a comparable program for its Chromium-based Edge program, with rewards of up to $30,000 for digital security scientists who can discover vulnerabilities in the Dev and Beta channels of the product. The organization additionally runs various other such programs for Windows, Office, .NET and that’s just the beginning, however the most noteworthy rewards are held for helplessness gives an account of Azure cloud administrations and Hyper-V virtualization servers.

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