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Popcorn Monkey Tiger is a 2020 Kannada wrongdoing movie highlighting Dhananjay in the number one spot job, alongside Nivedhitha, coordinated by Duniya Soori and created by K.M. Sudhir. The soundtrack and score are created by Charan Raj and the cinematography is by Shekhar S. The film serves spin-off of the Kendasampige (2016) and to Kaage Bangara (2020). The tale of Popcorn Monkey Tiger rotates around Tiger Seena a carport laborer turned rambunctious and his associations with the black market. The movie parallely spins around Popcorn Devi who is additionally associated with the black market.

Executive Duniya Soori’s movies have never neglected to astound us as a result of the reasonable perception and dim nature story incorporated with them. His last film Tagaru which was a blockbuster hit, acquainted us with a savage character named Daali depicted by Dhananjaya. Anyway that can be said to be only a trailer of Dhananjaya’s latent capacity. Popcorn Monkey Tiger is an undeniable film where you find a good pace extreme acting ability! The force and crudeness is simply awesome!

There is no direct story right now. The film unfurls in a tangled way indicating the life of an intense hoodlum named Tiger Seena. His raging method for living, the entangled connections alongside his travails in life are appeared in a crude and vicious way.

The film introduces the attributes of the low side of life everything being equal, combined with some truly terrible scenes. The destitution stricken ghettos, the turf wars clear in the underbelly of wrongdoing world, the desire for sex, prostitution and so on, structures the crude intrigue of this film and is the thing that stands-apart all through the whole length of the film.

The incoherent account puzzles you and just an insightful film crowd can comprehend this by watching it just because. The typical film crowd would require a subsequent watch to comprehend it totally. This ends up being both the positive and negative part of this film and totally relies upon the watcher on how he sees it.

The cinematography by Shekar S is frequenting, with a few particular shots caught inconceivably through the camera focal point! The inebriating and hallucinogenic music by Charan Raj is another factor which makes this movie experience so dope! Popcorn Devi, Mooga, Haavrani, Galeeju, Sugar, Kothmari, Razor – These bizzare names of the considerable number of characters stay carved in your brains subsequent to watching this film.

Every single on-screen character has performed staggeringly in the film. Dhananjaya demonstrates by and by that he is one of the most splendid entertainers in Sandalwood. The extreme looks, discoursed and manner by which he does himself is really astonishing! Amrutha Iyengar wins your love, Niveditha gives out a shocking exhibition and Sapthami Gowda’s swearword loaded acting is completely superb! There are numerous different entertainers who have acted truly well.

To summarize it, this film is one of the best blood brutality movies to turn out in Sandalwood in the ongoing occasions and the blood drenched subject makes it really mind blowing! This one is certainly not for the chicken-hearted!


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