Download The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me (2022) Free On PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows

Download The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me (2022) Free On PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows

  • System Requirements Of “The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me”!

<Minimum Requirements!>

CPU – Intel Core i5- 3470| AMD FX- 8350.
RAM  -8 GB.
OS – Windows 10.
VIDEO CARD – Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, 4 GB| AMD Radeon R9 290X, 4 GB.

<Recommended Requirements!>

CPU – Intel Core i5- 8400| AMD Ryzen 5 1600.
RAM – 8 GB.
OS – Windows 10.
VIDEO CARD – Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070, 8 GB| AMD Radeon RX Vega 56, 8 GB.

  • What Sort Of System/Medium Will Run It?

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  • The Elevator Pitch!

“A talkie film crew receives a mysterious invite to a replica of the ‘ Murder Castle ’ ofH.H. Holmes, America’s first periodical killer. They soon discover that they ’re being watched, and there’s much more at stake than their viewing numbers….”

  • Introduction!

The Devil in Me is the fourth and final investiture of the first season of The Dark Pictures Anthology series, and the fourth investiture overall.

It’s an interactive horror game under development by Supermassive Games and will be published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for amulti-platform release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/ S, and PC on November 18, 2022.

The Devil in Me will be grounded on the story of Henry Howard Holmes, America’s first periodical killer.

  • A Short Summary!

The Dark Pictures Anthology The Devil in Me, also known simply as The Devil in Me, is an forthcoming 2022 interactive drama and survival horror videotape game developed by Supermassive Games and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It’s the fourth investiture and the final investiture of season one in The Dark Pictures Anthology, after Man of Medan( 2019), Little Hope( 2020), and House of Ashes( 2021). Like earlier games in the series, The Devil in Me features a cast of five playable protagonists and a multilinear narrative told by player choice. The game’s decision- making scenes, of which there are several, can significantly alter the line of the plot and change the connections between the main characters. Due to these choices, any of the five protagonists can die permanently.

The title will introduce new features, similar as character force, tool- grounded mystifications, and new movement capabilities similar as running, jumping, and climbing.

The Devil in Me will be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/ S on 18 November 2022.

  • Game Development!

During the timber of The Devil in Me, the Supermassive Games platoon drew alleviation from the Saw series, taking grotesque traps and dilemmas, as well as the film The Shining, taking the conception of a minatory structure with imminence lurking around every corner. In addition, the platoon was inspired by several classic slashers, similar as Psycho, Halloween, and Friday the 13th.

Unlike former games, The Devil in Me first appeared on June 28, 2021, when its title and title art were trademarked. Before that, the only verified information about the investiture was where it would take place( known from the cloth chart of the florilegium macrocosm) and its theme( known from books in former two inaugurations). The first regard of the fourth investiture in the florilegium appeared in House of Ashes’ gold picture showing a man( Charlie) getting burned in a trap as a woman( Jamie) watches the scene through television. also, as the credits end, the advertisement caravan is shown, revealing the individualities of some of the protagonists. After a while, the names of the main cast, being Kate, Charlie, Mark, Jamie and Erin, were revealed.

The teaser opens with the dialogue between a man with a cigarette and someone hidden in the murk. When asked what it’s like to be a killer, the man says that a killer is an artist and that seeing someone’s life fade down before your eyes is true art. His harangue is first accompanied by footage of entrails and corses, which are also replaced by scenes of the protagonists facing peril and getting caught in the traps. It’s also revealed that the smoking man is actually an animatronic cadaver and the voice comes from a Dictaphone. The teaser ends with the voice asking the listener if they’ve formerly left their mark in the world like he did when the man in the murk turns off the Dictaphone, followed by the title of the fourth investiture and Season One homestretch- The Devil in Me.

On December 31, as a festivity for New Year, Supermassive Games released the first post about The Devil in Me, which features a view of the World’s Fair Hotel from the outside, with an unknown man standing in front of the structure. In the same post, it was blazoned that the game will be released in 2022. On March 28, 2022, the sanctioned game bill was revealed, attesting the name of the central promoter played by Jessie Buckley, Kate.

The first exertion about The Devil in Me started on June 29, when the Steam runner was streamlined with new information about the investiture. On July 7, a short story caravan was released, showing the morning of the setting, as well as revealing the release date to be nearly in Afterlife.

On August 24, for Gamescom 2022, a new caravan was released, featuring new gameplay mechanics( force, advanced move sets, and mystifications). It also verified the release date of The Devil in Me, which is November 18. A day latterly, an interview with Tom Heaton was released, where he revealed the settings, protagonists and gameplay in details. Along with the interview was a 16- nanosecond gameplay footage, where the group encountered one of the trapsDu’Met designed and might indeed lose one of the protagonists, being Erin.

On October 12 and 18, two corridor of an interview with main actress Jessie Buckley was released. In it, Jessie talked about what it was like to play Kate and her experience casting her part. On October 24, a 1 hour rally of the game was released to colorful content generators and game pundits. This rally allowed the players to play seven new chapters. Players were also suitable to play as each promoter and indeed kill Erin.

  • Plot!

A group of talkie filmmakers admit a mysterious call inviting them to a ultramodern- day replica of periodical killerH.H. Holmes ’ ‘ Murder Castle ’. It’s an occasion that’s too good to pass up and could be just the thing they ’re looking for to win some important- demanded public interest.

The hostel is the perfect set for their new occasion, but effects are n’t relatively as they feel. The crew discover they ’re being watched and indeed manipulated, and suddenly there’s much more at stake than just their conditions!

  • Gameplay!

The Devil in Me has a strict bus save system that prevents the player from reloading the save train to an earlier point in the game if they want to change their decision.

To see all the content in the game, the player must pass it multiple times on different paths and scripts. also, the game involves a endless death handyperson, which means the loss of a character ever if they failed. therefore, The Devil in Me provides multitudinous issues and consummations for each character. As Season One homestretch, the investiture is much longer than its forerunners, taking further than 7 hours to complete.

Throughout the game, the player is constantly faced with moral dilemmas ranging from the usual discourses to life and death situations( who to kill, give a tool or keep it,etc.). For these cases, the player has a moral compass that offers them two or three choices for the answer- act rationally(” Head”), act emotionally(” Heart”), or say/ do nothing. still, the time to choose is limited, about 5- 10 seconds depending on the situation. The Devil in Me utilizes a system of” comportments” that record any choice of action made by the player, which may have great consequences latterly on and are suitable to affect the outgrowth of the game.

The gameplay is concentrated on disquisition, quick- time events( usual and Keep Calm parts) and discovering collectibles. The ultimate include filmland that show possible unborn events and secrets that reveal the lore and help to reveal the hostel’s history, as well as Du’Met’s backstory. An in- game system keeps track of all discovered collectibles, making them always available to the player, anyhow of their current walkthrough. Collecting all or specific secrets, as well as completing the game, rewards the player with perk content that provides fresh information about the game’s lore and development.

As the Season One homestretch, The Devil in Me features brand new gameplay mechanics that did not appear in the florilegium:-

-Protagonists gain advanced move sets, allowing them to interact further with their surroundings. Characters are now suitable to run, climb, bottleneck, vault over obstacles, jump over gaps, squeeze through bitsy spaces, balance across shafts, etc. Also, when a trouble is present, the protagonists can hide from it.

-Exploration now includes working light mystifications( chancing retired canons, untangling antique fuse boxes, chancing ways out of mazes, moving effects around to find new routes,etc.) in order for the player to work their way through the hostel as well as to keep the protagonists alive.

-An force system has been added. Protagonists are now suitable to use particulars they retain to increase their chances of survival. particulars may be altered, broken, lost, or given to other characters. also, each promoter from the morning of the game is equipped with a specific tool directly related to their work:-

^As a businessman, Charlie is equipped with a business card, which he can use to pry open latches on snuggeries.

^As an investigative intelligencer, Kate is equipped with a pencil, which she can use to shade over torn bits of papers and find what is written underneath. 

^As a cameraman, Mark is equipped with a camera, which he can use to gather attestations of the crimes they have uncovered. 

^As a principal grip, Jamie is equipped with a multimeter, which she can use to rewire electrical circuits. 

^As a sound mastermind, Erin is equipped with a directional microphone, which she can use to hear through walls. 

-New collectibles are added in the form of coins known as Obols. Collecting these coins will unleash particulars which players can view. also, these coins will have lesser meaning to the florilegium, as the Watchman is keen on collecting them.

Eventually, The Devil in Me offers players four game modes single- player, which allows to play the game from a main( Theatrical Cut) or alternate( Watchman’s Cut) perspective, and multiplayer, which allows two players online( Shared Story) or two to five players offline( Movie Night) to play the game.

  • Characters!

The Devil in Me follows five main protagonists, who are allured to and trapped in a replica of the” Murder Castle”. The protagonists are members of a talkie film crew.

Supporting characters and antagonists include a couple visiting the Murder Castle for a honeymoon and three periodical killers from different ages.


Jessie Buckley as Kate Wilder.
Paul Kaye as Charles Lonnit.
TBA as Erin Keenan.
Gloria Obianyo as Jamie Tiergan.
TBA as Mark Nestor.

<Supporting Characters!>

Pip Torrens as The Watchman.
TBA as Jeff.
TBA as Marie.


TBA as GranthemDu’Met.
John Dagleish as Henry Howard Holmes.
TBA as Manny Sherman.

  • Minor Characters!

<KD Cooper General Contractors!>

Frank :-
An mastermind for KD Cooper.

-Jesse Clark :-
The point chief of KD Cooper. His ID card and mannequin can be set up in the empty pool of the gym, numbered 11.

Laura Murphy :-
The elderly electrician of KD Cooper, as well as the receptionist. She was boggled after recording several adverts
for the gym. Her ID card and mannequin can be set up in a side room, numbered 9.

Monica :-
A construction worker of KD Cooper who abnegated. She was part of the aphorism blade trap with Ryan Hart, where she was cut in half. Her mannequin can be set up before it’s destroyed in the same manner.

Ryan Hart :-
The elderly obliteration drudge of KD Cooper. He was part of the aphorism blade trap with Monica, but seems to have survived it. His ID card and mannequin can be set up next to it, numbered 8.


Chester Bell :-
The Assistant Director who worked nearly with Hector Munday to track down periodical killers.

Waylon Munday :-
A Special Agent who played a major part in the prisoner of Manny Sherman.

<OtherDu’Met victims!>

Bethany and Natalie Morello :-
Daughters of the Morello couple.

Francis Morello :-
Brother of Joseph Morello.

Guests :-
10 guests who had formerly checked out previous to the appearance of the Morello family that include Brad Fisher, Rachel Davis, Jackie Fiddles, Scott Thorn, Grace Fletcher, as well as the Lee family( Harrison and Lewis) and the Hall family( Thomas, Cecile, and Kurt).

Joseph Morello :-
A notorious author who writes about periodical killers. He and his family stayed at the hostel right before the Lonnit crew.

Abducted Victim :-
A man in a unheroic suit with a sack over his head, tied to a president. Charlie and Jamie find him and spark his trap when Charlie steps on a pressure plate holding the scythe above his head. Anyhow of the player’s choice, Charlie steps off and he’s pecked.

Michelle Morello :-
Joseph Morello’s woman
, mentioned in a note about someone’s schedule around the hostel.


Ben :-
An hand of the transaction company Killerphernalia, who wrote a note on the reverse ofDu’Met’s damage.

Families In Trimming :-
Two notable families who had children bear before the Munday family at the White Oak Hospital, that being the Hall family( Robert and Marilyn) and the Wright family( Elaine, Steven, and Maurice).

George and Irene Munday :-
Grandparents of Special Agent Hector Munday.

Harold Pulley :-
A croaker who wrote a memo about the collapse of the boiler room ceiling, causing the check of the gym back in the 1930s.

P. Hunter :-
Author of BREAKING DOWN WALLS Navigating the Maze of Anxiety.

Jessica Maxwell :-
The Senior Administrator ofP.F. Richardson, who transferred a will correction to the Edwards couple about their estate.

Kelly Schroeder :-
The point design director for the addition of the hostel and gym. She was invited to the hostel for its grand opening, but it’s unknown if she attended or what came of her.

Linda Price :-
General Manager of the withdrawal home Twilight Prairie.

Lucinda Munday :-
Mother of Hector Munday. She was transferred to the withdrawal home Twilight Prairie.

Mark and Jennifer Edwards :-
A couple who amended their will to give their entire estate to Richard Belknap in the event of their deaths.

Ned Yoke :-
A person who bought the installation of a digital cinch for the swell room, the damage for which can be seen on a corkboard in an office hard.

Richard Belknap :-
A mysterious man involved in the addition of the hostel and the correction of the Edwards’ choices.

  • Soundtrack!

<In- Game Music> 

The Journey.
The Honeymoon.
The Island.
Watchful Eye.
The Trap.

  • Reception!

<Special Releases!>

Animatronic Collector’s Edition :-

The Animatronic Collector’s Edition is an exclusive edition release of The Devil in Me. It features a dupe of the game and apre-order perk with an animatronic bust figure, a Lonnit Entertainment business card, a card with envelope, and a chart of the World’s Fair Hotel on an islet.

Volume 2 Edition :-

The Volume 2 Edition is a collection pack featuring clones of both House of Ashes and The Devil in Me and apre-order perk with House of Ashes playing cards, the same chart mentioned preliminarily, and legs( outdo and drawing compass).

  • Trivia!


References to The Devil in Me appear in other inaugurations of The Dark Pictures Anthology :-

-In Man of Medan an composition in the 1947 review about the murder of a gangbanger near a hostel; the Ritual Book. 

-In Little Hope an composition in the Old Magazine about the show” Engineers of Murder”; an composition in the Newspaper Factory demurrers about the Chicago World’s Fair.

-In House of Ashes an composition in the War Newspaper about periodical killer Manny Sherman; a book named” Mind of a Killer”; the sweater pattern of the goatherds; Nick’s shirt with the word” Chicago”; Salim’s expression about how the vultures turned from engineers into killers. 

The Devil in Me contains numerous references to the other inaugurations in The Dark Pictures Anthology
References to Man of Medan filmland hanging around the hostel.


The title of the game is a reference to Holmes’ murder concession to the Philadelphia Inquirer, where he allegedly stated” I was born with the Devil in me”.
The cranium in the game’s cover has essence classes, which refers to the medium used byDu’Met to move animatronic corses.

Chronologically, The Devil in Me is the fourth investiture in the florilegium, set 19 times after House of Ashes and 3 times after Little Hope and Man of Medan.


The Devil in Me represents some firsts within the florilegium. The investiture is the first one :-

-…to not be released in October after two posterior inaugurations, as well as released before the 20th of its release month.

-…where there are more womanish protagonists than manly( three women and two men).

  • Sequel!

In February 2022, Supermassive Games filed trademarks for six implicit future entries. Five point the standard The Dark Pictures branding, subtitled The Craven Man, Directive 8020, Supplication, Winterfold, and Switchback. The sixth implicit title, subtitled O Death, is rather ingrained The Dark Pictures Presents.

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