Download Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 (2022) Free On Microsoft Windows; PlayStation 4; Xbox One; PlayStation 5; Xbox Series X/S; iOS; Android

Download Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 (2022) Free On Microsoft Windows; PlayStation 4; Xbox One; PlayStation 5; Xbox Series X/S; iOS; Android

  • System Requirements!

Activision is yet to reveal the sanctioned system conditions for Warzone 2 but we can take an educated conjecture grounded on the specs for Warzone Legacy. Check out the minimum and recommended specs you’ll need to run the game as easily as possible.

  • Warzone 2 Minimal Specs!

OS – * Windows 10 64- bit(v. 1709 Or Advanced).
CPU – Intel Core i3- 4340 or AMD FX- 6300.
HDD – 175 GB HD Space.
VIDEOTAPE– NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670/ GeForce GTX 1650 Or Radeon.
HD – 7950.
DirectX – Requires DirectX 12 Compatible System.
Network – Broadband Internet Connection.
Sound Card – DirectX Compatible.

Having a analogous figure analogous to what Activision recommends will allow you to run Warzone 2 on its minimal settings. Although the plates will not look the stylish, your frames per second( FPS) will be high, giving you smooth performance over the course of a match.

  • Warzone 2 Recommended Specs!

Still, you will want to prize the most performance, If you are lucky enough to have a high- end PC packed with a important processor and plates card. The Warzone 2 recommended settings will allow you to increase the plates while maintaining a steady FPS. Then is what Activision recommends:-

OS – Windows 10 64- Bit Rearmost Update.
CPU – Intel Core i5- 2500K Or AMD Ryzen R5 1600X Processor.
RAM – 12 GB RAM.
HDD – 175 GB HD Space.
VIDEOTAPE – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/ GTX 1660 Or Radeon R9 390/.
-AMD RX 580.
DirectX – Requires DirectX 12 Compatible System.
Network – Broadband Internet Connection.
Sound Card – DirectX Compatible.

  • Stylish Warzone 2 Competitive Settings!

Looking to contend in high- stakes Warzone 2 events? These settings will guarantee a high frame rate to round any observers armed with a high refresh rate.

OS – Windows 10 64- Bit Rearmost Update.
CPU – Intel i7- 8700K Or AMD Ryzen 1800X.
RAM – 16 GB RAM.
HDD – 175 GB HD Space.
VIDEOTAPE– NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080/ RTX 2070 SUPER Or Radeon RX.
-Vega64 Graphics.
DirectX – Requires DirectX 12 Compatible System.
Network – Broadband Internet Connection.
Sound Card – DirectX Compatible.

  • Summary!

Warzone2.0 will be the successor of the current Battle Royale hit Warzone and is coming sooner than anticipated. To keep you up to date, we’ve collected all the important information about the forthcoming Warzone 2 in this composition, including gameplay, charts, release date, munitions and further. Everything you need to know about Warzone 2 can be set up then.

The original Warzone was developed by perpetuity Ward, but development got handed over to Raven Software, who now has total creative control, after perpetuity Ward started development on Modern Warfare II( 2022). It’s a monstrously successful game that still makes captions, indeed two times after launch, and is now the base- position Call of Duty game, with other mainline releases principally turning into glorified position grinding for Warzone.

  • Does Warzone 2 Have Shaft Dogging?

Like utmost triadic- A releases, there is a high chance Warzone 2 will feature shaft tracing in some capacity. The fresh lighting will showcase the brand-new chart with inconceivable detail and if you want the best- looking experience, we recommend turning it on once the game launches.

Still, it’s stylish to have it switched off in case it influences frame rate, If you are after a competitive edge.

  • Introduction!

The coming generation of Call of Duty Warzone is on the way, taking in huge upgrades over the current interpretation and wiping the slate clean on progression and stats.

Warzone 2 is not far out from release, following a many weeks after Modern Warfare 2, and rounding off Call of Duty’s 2022 immolations. It looks set to be a veritably different beast to its precursor, which will continue on as a separate experience entirely. Warzone 2 goatherds in a whole new combat system, with players dropping onto a brand new chart called Al Mazrah.

Where Warzone prioritizedmid-ranged skirmishes, Warzone 2 seems to bolster diversity and variety in its battles. The chart is filled with tense chokepoints, and players are indeed suitable to fight in the water now. It’s a big change for sure, but one that comes hand in hand with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, as the two games will partake a progression system and magazine.

Now that Activision has lifted the lid on Warzone 2, and since Modern Warfare 2 has launched its Multiplayer and crusade Modes, there is plenitude of details to take a look at. You will find breakdowns of everything we know about the game so far, right then in this companion. Gameplay, chart changes, munitions and vehicles will all be covered. As new word drops, you will find it then, with this runner staying up to date right up to launch.

The coming generation of Call of Duty Warzone is on the way, taking in huge upgrades over the current interpretation and wiping the slate clean on progression and stats.

Modern Warfare 2 is out now, so the transition is well and truly in stir, and we’ll veritably soon be suitable to tuck into the coming interpretation of Warzone at long last.

Then is what we know so far.

  • Warzone 2.0 Release Date!

Activision handed a full Warzone2.0 release date during its Call of Duty Next donation. Arriving on November 16, 2022, Warzone2.0 launches for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC. Despite preliminarily twittering( opens in new tab) that” a new generation” of Call of Duty is coming, this battle royale effect is not skipping last- word consoles.

Call of Duty Warzone2.0 will be available from 16 November 2022 a couple of weeks after the launch of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

This was verified at COD Next, an event that may well come a institution for Activision annually, given how important interest it generated.

That release date is a relief compared to rumours of a 2023 launch and gives us a couple of weeks to position over in MW2’s multiplayer before sinking into the new Warzone.

  • Warzone 2.0 Trailer!

While it hasn’t yet had a completely devoted trailer, Warzone2.0 gets a nice slice of the action in the reveal trailer from COD.

Still, however, simply head to YouTube- a bunch of pennants got to play some rounds of Warzone 2, If you want to see further of the game in action.0 at Next, meaning there is a lot of gameplay out there from the likes of StoneMountain64, Westie and numerous further.

While we would known about Warzone2.0 for some time, we only got our first real look at this during the Call of Duty Next donation on September 16. Giving us a full Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer reveal too

  • Warzone 2.0 Platforms!

It’s been verified that the coming generation of Warzone will not be leaving before aged consoles, despite deep suckers’ pleas- perpetuity Ward has correctly refocused out that it would be abandoning by far the biggest slice of players if it gave up on the PS4 and Xbox One.

That means you can bank on Warzone2.0 coming out on PS5, Xbox Series X/ S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. We are hoping at the least that we’ll get full native performances of the game for PS5 and Xbox Series X/ S, however, for bettered performance and resolution.

Warzone 2’s release on PlayStation will come as a relief to numerous, following Microsoft’s accession of Activision. While there is been no end of discussion regarding the future of Activision votes, it looks like this particular series will staymulti-platform for the foreseeable future.

  • Will Warzone 2.0 Be Free?

The coming interpretation of Warzone will indeed retain the free- to- play status that made the first game such a smash megahit.

That means you will be suitable to play Warzone2.0 fully for free, and it should also be the case that on PlayStation and Xbox you will not have to pay for online subscriptions to pierce its online modes.

Like its precursor, Warzone 2 will be free- to- play, and you won’t need to enjoy any paid Call Of Duty games( similar as the recently- released Modern Warfare 2) in order to play Warzone 2.

You will be suitable to download the game for free by visiting the Warzone 2 store runner This runner is not live yet at the time of jotting, but we’ll let you know when it becomes available to check out.

  • Will Your Skins And Ordnance Carry Over To Warzone 2.0?

Perpetuity Ward has verified that the move to a new machine is a abecedarian bone
for Warzone, meaning that it’s wiping the slate clean from a progression viewpoint when Warzone2.0 drops.

This means that whatever unlocks you’ve earned in Warzone so far will NOT carry over to the new game, and the same will go for gun and driver skins you might have bought.

This may be a disappointment to some, but is only logical considering Warzone will have been out for2.5 times by the time its effect drops. effects can not last ever!

  • Will The Original Warzone Still Live?

Another intriguing thing that has been verified is that the appearance of Warzone2.0 won’t destroy Warzone1.0 the current interpretation of the game will continue to operate for the foreseeable future. This might be to avoid people falling off the crusade or just as a way to keep them having access to packets they have bought.

Either way, it means that if you ever prefer the aged interpretation of the game, you will always be suitable to hop back in( if your hard drive can manage to host both at formerly, that is).

Warzone 2 is technically a effect rather than a Version2.0( despite indeed some sanctioned sources sometimes pertaining to it as similar). It’ll live alongside the original Warzone, although exactly what that will mean in the long- term is not entirely clear yet. You can check out the sanctioned blog post for further information, although details are relatively vague at this point.

Unfortunately, this does mean that progress from the being Warzone will not carry over into Warzone 2. still, you will not lose that progress — including uncorked any skins and ordnance you have associated with your account. They will just be part of a different game; and players who do not want to jump over to the new release will not be forced to do so — at least for the time being.

  • Warzone2.0 New Chart!

Alongside the Warzone2.0 release date, a Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer reveal, and farther news on the mobile Warzone derivation, Activision revealed Warzone2.0’s chart.

Called Al Mazrah, it’s the biggest COD battle royale chart yet and this first blurted back in May. Appertained to as an” intriguing blend of terrain,” mixing the desert with artificial areas, municipalities, a megacity, water, and” cool elevation.” You will find plenitude of explorable grottoes and subsurface spaces, letting you swim across points of interest( POI) across the chart.

Activision also outlined a huge change to the battle royale’s circles. Traditionally, we have seen battle royale games like Fortnite and Apex Legends employ one large circle that gradationally decreases, icing games do not get drawn out. still, Warzone2.0 opts for a different approach, using multiple circles which separate and ultimately return.

Al Mazrah offers up 18 POI locales, which we have detailed below:-

Taraq Village.
Quarry( Al Safwa Quarry).
Rohan Oil.
Al Mazrah City.
Marshlands( Mawizeh Marshlands).
Grottoes( Sattiq Caves).
Port( Hafid Port).
Sa’id City.
Observatory( Zaya Observatory).
Al Sharim Pass.
Cemetery( El Samman Cemetery).
Ahkdar Village.
Sawah Village.
Sarrif Bay.
Al Bagra Fortress.
Airport( Al Malik Airport).

As revealed during Call of Duty Next, there will be a new chart in Warzone2.0- Al Mazrah, set in a fictional region of Western Asia.

As you can see over, it’s a huge breadth( a bitsy bit bigger than Caldera or Verdansk, from what we can tell using reference points), and contains a bunch of locales to explore. Dotted around the place are incredibly recognisable sections from iconic charts like Highrise and Terminal, making some areas more familiar.

It’s also a position featured relatively heavily in the crusade for Modern Warfare 2, so we’ll doubtless learn further about its place in the wider story over time.

Water is a much bigger part of the chart, too, meaning that boats and swimming will be crucial in some corridor.

There is some nebulosity over what will be to the rejuvenescence maps presently in Warzone when the new interpretation arrives- at launch, the anticipation is that Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep will both be absent.

Reports indicate that a new rejuvenescence- size chart is in development, however, with a launch planned formid-2023 according to InsiderGaming.

This means that for a while you might be stuck with the full- size battle royale experience, but that is doubtful to be a endless situation.

  • Warzone 2.0 Gameplay!

Warzone2.0’s core first person shooter gameplay functions also to its battle royale precursor. But thanks to the Call of Duty Next donation, we have learned a lot further. In terms of gunplay and armament mechanics, it’s participating its setup with Modern Warfare 2. Firing, movement and armament progression will have equality across the two titles.

What this means for Warzone 2 is presently a little bit unclear. Modern Warfare 2 has an extremely low time to kill, but Warzone allows you to equip armour. Movement is generally a lot more big, and has weight to it. You can hand from ledges and fire with a sidearm, and indeed dive to the ground, straight into prone.

One huge change to gameplay is the new Gulag, which dyads you up with another player for a 2v2 gunfight. There is AI adversaries around too, and occasionally an AI master adversary called The Jailer will appear. The biggest change then’s that there’s spoil around the Gulag, which is brought with you if you make it out alive.

Aquatic combat has been seriously streamlined for Warzone 2. It’s going to play a part in Modern Warfare 2, and it seems to have been moved into the battle Royale mode as well. You can swim, dive and shoot from the water. widgets and outfit all bear else in the water. For illustration, the Inflatable Bait dogface will appear to be swimming when actuated in the water.

Fortresses can be set up around the chart, and serve as AI encamp ents containing rare spoil and loadouts. In general there are numerous further AI adversary encounters on AL Mazrah when compared to the last game.

Eventually, there is a new shop system that allows you to make purchases during a match. Then is the new features at a regard:-

Squadmate Buy Back – Just like in Call of Duty Warzone, you ’re suitable to buy back a teammate after they ’ve been taken down either in combat, or failed to return from the each-new Gulag.

Buy Gear – Just like the function of the original Buy Station, you can buy outfit similar as Gas Masks, Killstreaks, Armor, and more.

Limited Equipment – Some particulars are likely to be limited in number, and formerly bought, they’re gone from the Shop.

Buy Weapon – Previous to a match, your main medication is concentrated on creating a number of custom munitions for your coming match in Al Mazrah.

You buy these custom munitions from then. Note this takes the place of a full Loadout( your Primary, Secondary, Tactical, and Lethal as well as gratuities). 

-Custom Munitions are constructed in the Gunsmith, and also bought then. They take up your armament places. Tacticals and Lethals are veritably common ground spoil. gratuities won’t be available in Call of Duty Warzone2.0 at launch.

  • Warzone 2.0 Gameplay Changes!

We know quite a lot about the gameplay changes coming to Warzone, since the changes that have arrived for Modern Warfare 2 should all apply to it as well- they partake an machine.

This means that we’ll be getting a visual upgrade, especially on newer consoles where a 120Hz mode will allow for bettered smoothness and response times.

One huge change to the game’s balance is that you will no longer buy loadout drops to get full custom set- ups including gratuities and munitions. rather, buy stations will now let you buy individual ordnance from your armoury at a advanced cost, making it much more precious to get geared up.

Swimming has been added to the game and features heavily in the terrain, along with boats. Vehicles are getting upgraded more extensively to point more detailed damage like perforations, and when they blow up they’ll leave a endless cocoon for cover. They also use energy, and can be refuelled using pillaged drums or by visiting a energy station, where you can also repair them.

There will also be a new circle handyperson, with the appearance of multiple circles during matches, which will also combine together as the match moves to the windup, which should be cool.

Oh, and there is Gulag2.0 with 2v2 play, plus a” Jailer” roving the chart. Killing this AI to snare a key it drops will let you escape the match and return to the game. This has looked a little confusing from the gameplay at COD Next, so it will be intriguing to see how it plays out.

The artillery is ultramodern but embedded in reality( at least at launch) with attachments that you can earn occasionally being applicable across different ordnance, a welcome change that should ease up the needed grinding. Thankfully, a new blasting range will make it easier to test how your figure performs.

New outfit has arrived including remote cameras and EMP grenades, while you can now also dive into a prone position while you are sprinting if demanded.

You can hang on ledges to peep over walls and walls as you mantle over effects, opening up new possibilities as you move around the chart. There is also rappelling down structures in MW2, although whether that’ll come to Warzone is less sure.

Gunsmith has returned for armament editing and the position of detail seems to be stepped up indeed further, letting you redistribute your armament’s weight for better flinch but worse end- down- sight speed, among other tweaks.

From what could be seen at COD Next, the current player count being tested is 100, a lower one than Warzone1.0, but with potentially a many hundred AI dogfaces on the battleground for you to fight as you play, defending areas and objects.

The force system is also quite a lot more complicated and needs a bit more operation than in Warzone1.0.

  • Vehicle’s!

Anticipate plenitude of vehicles in Warzone 2, similar as boats, tanks, and copters. Each point new drugs models, apparently making them more authentic to both drive and destroy.

” Some vehicles are heavier, some will slide more, have further traction, or lower traction and as you are driving them around and you are encountering them and other outfits of playing with them, you can choose to shoot off the tires to kind of impact the running, you can have them – they reply to explosive else grounded on their weight,” we were told during the Call of Duty Next donation.

Given the more varied geography of Al Mazrah, with its gutters, hills and motorways, it’s likely that vehicles will be a huge part of traversal. Then are the vehicles we know about so far:-

Hatchback Auto.
Cargo Truck.
Rigid Inflatable Boat.
Tactical Vehicle.
Light Tank.

  • New Gun’s, Equipment’s & More!

We do not have an exact list of munitions for Warzone 2 yet, but since the game will be nearly linked to Modern Warfare II, it’ll start with all MWII munitions. As usual, new munitions will be added little by little.

<Modern Warfare 2’s New Gunsmith!>

In terms of outfit, i.e. field upgrades and grenades, Warzone2.0 sticks to the selection from Modern Warfare 2.

<New widgets Revealed For MW2 EMPs, Tactical Cameras & Drill Charges!>

What should also please numerous players is that we will get a blasting range. In the current Warzone, there’s no way to try out munitions and their attachments outside of a match. This would be a great and presumably veritably popular change.


  • New’s & Rumor’s!

<Summer Game Celebration Provides A Small Warzone 2 Update!>

We got some farther details at Summer Game Fest 2022, though Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s crusade was the focus. Speaking to Johanna Faries, GM for Call of Duty and Jeff Negus, cinematics lead at perpetuity Ward, we got a small update on the planned effect.

Asked what suckers can anticipate by host Geoff Keighley, Faries called this a” transformational moment for the entire ballot.” Continuing on, she explains unborn games will be created on one participated machine, which includes, as she calls it, Warzone2.0.

So, what will that bring? Faries explains” there will be a standalone experience of Warzone for being players.” Asked for farther details, Faries replies that Warzone2.0 will” be an extension of the Modern Warfare 2 macrocosm”. sorely. she does not confirm any gameplay specifics.

<Assignments Learned!> 

In a call with press and content generators in February 2022( via CharlieIntel( opens in new tab)), Warzone’s inventors admitted they” f **** d up” with Warzone and called the battle royale’s state at the time” disturbing”.

Activision Game Director Josh Bridge admitted that the platoon was not happy with the state of the game and that it had” learned the upper limits of their technology” when trying to integrate other Call of Duty games into Warzone over the times.

According to the inventors, trying to make Warzone into unborn Call of Duty titles following its release caused” significant development challenges” and saw the free- to- play game suffer from major issues– as well as losing its own identity.

The inventors said they’re” determined to fix the issues with the game”, which is commodity that was emphasized in the blog post attesting Warzone 2 is in development.

” Naturally, we’ve instigative plans in the workshop across the ballot this time, but presently the platoon’s focus is rigorously on the Warzone experience we’re all playing moment, addressing current frustrations, and diving several important requests from our community,” the post reads.

It sounds like, indeed with a new generation of Warzone in the cards, players of what could come known as” Warzone Legacy” will not be left before.

<Not An Xbox Exclusive!>

Following the advertisement of Microsoft’s planned$ 69 billion accession of Activision Blizzard before this time, there was query over what the preemption would mean for the future of the Call of Duty series. The main question Will unborn games come to PlayStation?

Good news for PlayStation players it’s looking like they will for the foreseeable future.

In a blog post( opens in new tab) publicizing the deal, Xbox head Phil Spencer said” Activision Blizzard games are enjoyed on a variety of platforms and we plan to continue to support those communities moving forward”. This nebulous statement did not exactly confirm whether current Activision Blizzard votes, like Call of Duty, will come Xbox exclusives at a after date.

Spencer also twittered( opens in new tab) that he’d” good calls” with leaders at Sony and had verified Microsoft’s” intent to recognize all being agreements upon accession of Activision Blizzard” as well as the company’s” desire to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation”.” Sony is an important part of our assiduity, and we value our relationship,” Spencer wrote.

This did not exactly inseminate confidence among Call of Duty PlayStation players; numerous upset about what these” being agreements” are. After all, Spencer did not explicitly say unborn Call of Duty games will be on PlayStation.

In a report by Bloomberg( opens in new tab), four anonymous interposers, who claim to have knowledge of the deal, told the outlet that the coming three Call of Duty games are slated to release for PlayStation as well as Xbox consoles. The sources told Bloomberg that Activision had formerly committed to these releases before the accession and so Microsoft intends to recognize it.

These three games are supposedly the now- verified Modern Warfare 2 reboot( aka Call of Duty 2022), another Call of Duty game from Black Ops Cold War inventor Treyarch( potentially delayed to 2024) and Call of Duty Warzone 2.

Clearing effects up indeed more, however, is a blog post published by Microsoft in February 2022 that offers further explanation and addresses Call of Duty specifically. That post says it’ll stay on PlayStation indeed beyond these being agreements.

The post states that, “ to be clear, Microsoft will continue to make Call of Duty and other popular Activision Blizzard titles available on PlayStation through the term of any being agreement with Activision.” Further to that, Microsoft” have committed to Sony that we will also make them available on PlayStation beyond the being agreement and into the future so that Sony suckers can continue to enjoy the games they love. ”

  • Learned From Mistake’s!

Still, also we’ve a many cases where it was relatively apparent that the inventors have noticed numerous of the issues with the first game, If you ’re doubtful that Activision might not make numerous advancements in Warzone 2.

According to a post by CharlieIntel, in February 2022, Warzone’s inventors admitted that they meddled up with Warzone and straight over called the state of the game “ disturbing. ”
The Activision Game Director, Josh Bridge, claimed that the inventors weren’t happy with how the game turned out. But now, they ’ve learned the upper limits of their technology while trying to include other COD games with Warzone.

The inventors claimed that trying to turn Warzone into the “ future ” of Call of Duty titles caused “ significant development challenges ” and made the free- to- play game lose its identity as well as suffer from major issues.
But, in a blog post, the platoon has said that they’re determined to fix all of the issues that are in the game. As they said in the post, “ Naturally, we’ve instigative plans in the workshop across the ballot this time, but presently, the platoon’s focus is rigorously on the Warzone experience we’re all playing moment, addressing current frustrations, and diving several important requests from our community. ”

  • Further Gameplay Leaks!

A well- known leaker, Metaphor, twittered out some gameplay details that bandied gameplay rudiments similar as NPCs, sacking, storehouse, and a lot further.

According to the leaker, NPCs are going to remain a significant part of the game and will generate aimlessly on the chart. likewise, the sacking will follow vessel- grounded sacking and bottom spoil, like in numerous battle royale games.

As we know that the chart shrinks, and poisonous gas covers the unobtainable areas. Now, rather of gas, there will be a dust storm rather of the gas. And for force storehouse, there will be different sizes, so if you want further spoil, you ’ll have to look for different- sized packs.

There were also some details regarding vehicles in a different tweet. The copters from HIGHRISE will be usable according to the leaker, and tires can be shot out from buses . also, buses might have limited energy which could last for certain twinkles, maybe 2 twinkles, according to the Metaphor. But you can also refuel by simply going into gas stations.

As for returning vehicles, we ’ll likely get the ATV and new additions similar as Hummer type SUV tank, hatchback weak/ fast, which is principally a mercenary auto, and the copters will have a different look.

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