Download Atomic Heart (2023) Free On PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows

Download Atomic Heart (2023) Free On PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows

  • Atomic Heart Game Details!

Atomic Heart is an adventure FPS game that takes place in an alternate macrocosm during the reign of the Soviet Union. Take on the part of Special Agent P- 3 as he attempts to figure out what went wrong aboard Enterprise 3826. Restore peace and order at all costs! Atomic Heart has some beautiful looking plates and some inversely violent System Conditions to match. You are going to need at least a GeForce GTX 760 or a Radeon R7 260x just to meet the minimal specs for this gem.

  • Atomic Heart System Conditions!


-CPU – AMD Ryzen 5 1600@ 3. GHz or Intel Core i5- 4460@3.1 GHz.( AVX, AVX2 and SSE4.2 support needed)
-RAM – 8 GB.
-OS – Windows 10.( 20H1 interpretation or newer, 64- bit performances)
-VIDEO CARD – AMD Radeon R9 380( 4 GB) or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960.( 4 GB)


-CPU – AMD Ryzen 7 2700X@3.8 GHz or Intel Core i7- 7700@3.6 GHz.( AVX, AVX2 and SSE4.2 support needed)
-RAM – 16 GB.
-OS – Windows 10.( 20H1 interpretation or newer, 64- bit performances)
-VIDEO CARD – AMD RX Vega 64( 8 GB) or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080.( 8 GB)



  • Introduction!

Next to nothing had heard of Atomic Heart before it dropped a disturbing, explosive caravan in May 2018. It snappily came one of the most awaited games we know the least about.

Its alleviations are varied you will spot flashes of Metro, BioShock, Nier Automata and Snooper in its art and gameplay, while the world is a product of both Russian sci- fi and the gests of the Mundfish dev platoon, some of whom grew up in Russia. But what do you actually get when you mix all of those influences together?I. do not know that we could really explain it, indeed if we wanted to. But there is a lot of firing, a lot of mannequins, and a lot of exploding Soviet- style structure.

  • When is Atomic Heart’s Release Date?

Atomic Heart will launch on February 21, 2023. It’s had a couple of release date teasers since its original advertisement four times agone, so it’s nice to have a verified date.

While the release window was firstly set and latterly verified as being in late 2022, an advertisement that Atomic Heart would now be published by Focus Interactive described the game as” originally planned for 2022.” Around this time its Steam runner changed from an unequivocal 2022 release date to the more vague” this Winter.” But in a recent caravan we eventually got Atomic Heart’s exact release coming in February.

When Atomic Heart hits, it will be a day one release for Xbox Game Pass, and hopefully Game Pass for PC too.

  • Atomic Heart Release Date Trailer!

Like every Atomic Heart footage reveal, this most recent caravan is packed with baffling, creepy, violent imagery. Massive installations full of Soviet mannequins doing calisthenics routines, flying men with fanged worms for heads, cyborgs doing lightning- hand high fives — it’s each in there, intercut with sped- up combat gameplay, with all manner of firing and power- throwing. And also a joe does middle fritters. And also there is a release date.

I have given up on trying to make sense of Atomic Heart footage. But I do want to play it, relatively poorly.

  • What’s Atomic Heart?

With this rearmost gameplay footage, Atomic Heart continues its. unique mix of pulpy Soviet scifi. And by pulpy, I am including the numerous and colorful ways living effects are mashed throughout the duration. There is a massive, rolling Soviet death robot. There is a microwave oven gun. There is lady androids with piercing each other with unicorns to some unfathomable end? I do not know! I just watch effects and write words.

Amid the whirlpool of effects meeting violent ends, there are lots of combat options on display — all feathers of powers from the player’s left hand, like telekinesis and ice spurts, with inversely varied artillery in the right, including fireballs, galvanized rifles, and a pitchfork that is also supposedly a big brace of scissors.

  • What is the story?

The devs say the story is a bit like an occasion of Black Mirror if the show were set in a depraved interpretation of the Soviet Union eventually between the’30s and’60s. As Mundfish CEO Robert Bagratuni told IGN, the USSR still exists in this reality,” but a specialized revolution has formerly taken place robots, the Internet, holograms have formerly been constructed. all these inventions are submerged in the atmosphere of communism, battle with the imperialism of the West and all the other essential political and social aspects of the time. ”

Robots have been mass- produced to help with husbandry, defence, timber product and simple ménage chores and now they are starting to mutiny. You play Major Nechaev, a mentally unstable KGB special agent codenamed P- 3, and the government has transferred you to probe a manufacturing installation that is fallen silent.

On appearance it’s clear that everything is, to put it mildly, royally fucked. Robots are out of control, formerly-dead brutes walk again, and traps have been set to entoil any who enter. It’s your job to find out what is happed and put an end to the chaos.

Somewhere between the murdering and madness is a love story, although we do not know how big a part it’ll play. Oh, and it will have two consummations indeed though the plot is direct.

  • Gameplay!

Mundfish tend to go a while between gameplay vids but when the show up they really show up. Atomic Heart gets weirder, nature, and proper every time we see it.

At gamescom 2022 we saw a horrible Atomic Heart combat trailer which showcases murderous frenetic scientist mutants, mischievous robots, and what seems like a lot of combat diversity for players.

The E3 2021 trailer  is particularly crazy, featuring killer robots( and one with fruit inside its head), firmed explosions and other intruding around with the laws of space and time, and a kerchief who looks like she’s about to beat notoriety up with a haze spoon. It also shows the player using a glove to defy graveness, hack electronics, and shock those killer robots.

Mundfish released 10 twinkles of Atomic Heart gameplay in 2019. It gives you a regard at both the firing and ruckus combat, as well as the weird world. Mote the zipline ropes, the use of quick- time events, and the large robot adversary at the end of the videotape, who’s presumably some kind of master.

In summer 2020, Mundfish published a 7- nanosecond gameplay andmini-boss fight videotape introducing the adversary Plyush. It starts off with the promoter exploring a gallery and clearing out less- hanging adversaries before encountering a spooky mess of a master.

In 2020 we also got to see a quick gameplay teaser showing some of Atomic Heart’s retro- tech surroundings and a many really huge adversaries including those wild drill snakes.

Just before that sanctioned teaser in 2020 we also saw some footage courtesy of Russian gaming service 4game who played four hours of an in- development figure gauging five in- game areas, and has released a lengthy videotape detailing just about everything they saw. It’s a slightly tough watch — being entirely in Russian with lower than fantastic English mottoes but it’s good to see some gameplay.

The neatest bit discusses adversary ecosystems. The freak- suchlike security cameras live together in a hive from which they’ll crop to hunt you down if you are detected by another adversary. Hacking or disabling these hives limits how numerous of the freak drones are active, meaning you will want to plan your targets as you progress through an area.

There is also this cinematic teaser that depicts a cryptic discussion between what we assume is your main character and a shadowy figure on a screen. The trailer is only in Russian, but you can turn on unrestricted captions to get the full picture.

  • Atomic Heart Will Support RTX!

In January 2021, Nvidia participated an RTX caravan for Atomic Heart to show off shaft dogging and DLSS support. As ever, Atomic Heart still looks stunning. It’s a really quick look that appears to show off the gallery area we have seen in once vids along with a bit more ruckus and supernatural power combat.

A tech rally of its RTX and HDR was compactly available, but you can still watch a videotape of the tech in action below. The platoon is particularly happy with how it improves lighting and murk, and says performance is holding up well.

  • Is Atomic Heart An Apen- World Game?

It’s not clear. The world encompasses” the entire Soviet Union — a vast circle, the borders of which reach the Arctic in the north, Altai Mountain in the south, and with plains, lakes and much more in the middle”. Different areas of Plant 3826 will be spread” each over the chart”. You will get some choice about the order you attack them in.

In a 2018 interview, Mundfish CEO Robert Bagratuni told us that Atomic Heart was” conceived as an open- world game”, but latterly declined to confirm that the chart was completely explorable. When asked whether the world was flawless, he told Wccftech he could not yet answer.” Now, I can say that there will be numerous different biomes,” he added.

We reckon it might be a series of connected situations spread out across a large chart, Metro Exodus- style. It has a road system to whisk you between different locales.

  • Atomic Heart Will Have A Casting System For New Munitions!

Atomic Heart’s munitions are new, and you will erect them together from” colorful essence corridor, detached from robots or taken from the ménage appliances or fractions attained during the game”. It’s not known exactly how the casting system workshop, but the image above suggests there will be plenitude of ways to boost your damage stats.

Munitions will include a railgun, a shotgun, an AK, commodity called a” meat grinder”, and ruckus options like an dismissal and a hammer.

  • Will Atomic Heart Support VR?

A 2017 teaser listed SteamVR and PSVR as release platforms for Atomic Heart, but Mundfish has ago said the game will not get a full VR release.” There are no similar plans now,” it told Wccftech.” Perhaps as we get near to the game release, some rudiments of the game will be available in VR, but now it’s hard to say which and in what form.”

Mundfish preliminarily released a VR game called Soviet Lunapark VR that was set in the same macrocosm as Atomic Heart, but it was removed from Steam. Anyone that had paid for Soviet Lunapark will get a free dupe of Atomic Heart.

  • Atomic Heart Will Have PvP Multiplayer — And Perhaps Hutch Too!

Atomic Heart’s story is designed to be played solo, but the devs say they are” allowing about hutch mode”. They have kept schtum about what exactly they are planning.

They have revealed more concrete plans for PvP multiplayer. However, a secret road will get you to a special region meant for PvP battle,” reads the game’s website,” If you’re ready to challenge other players.

  • Atomic Heart Development Contestation!

Still, you will presumably know that a bit of contestation gurgled up in January 2019 after a report — citing anonymous sources within Mundfish — told of mass layoffs and insufficiency at the plant, If you’ve been following Atomic Heart’s development. A summary of the report, posted on a Russian gamedev- related Telegram channel( an instant messaging service), can be set up on ResetEra.

The devs incompletely responded to these claims in a after interview with a Russian outlet. According to the( roughly) restated interview, they dispute the original report, and say the game is far more polished than the Telegram channel claimed.

In its Wccftech interview, the platoon also moved to assure suckers about its development process.“( Our) endured inventors, who worked in large game companies like Ubisoft are experts in making AAA games and complex subsystems similar as online multiplayer, AI ecosystems, analytics and scoring systems and other complex and high- tech tasks,” they said.

” Also, we ’re working nearly with Epic Games and we stay informed about all the rearmost technologies and UE4 features before they actually get intimately available. Our mates from Nvidia help us in plates and performance optimization. So, for all the reasons described above our game is being developed at the loftiest specialized position.”

Mundfish has handed development updates rarely, although a disharmony post — copied and pasted to Reddit( opens in new tab) — suggested at further regular updates going forward. The platoon has also opened a new office in Moscow, the Discord post said.

  • What Does Mick Gordon’s Music Bring To Atomic Heart?

The platoon says that working with Gordon was a joy- “ Mick did an amazing job for us- he set the mood in a veritably swish way. There is a lot of his music in the open world it’s literally filled with Mick. His music matches the high- tempo combat we see in the open world, it sets the mood and the emotion, and it’s like telling you what to do next. ”Soviet- style pop meets juicy Doom- style remixes.”

“ But piecemeal from Mick’s work you can find a lot of other compositions of the last century, from the 50s- 80s ”, Bagratuni continues. “ Music is veritably important for absorption, especially in our case- when you produce a retro- futuristic world in which history has taken an alternate path, but great musicians of the history still wrote their songs. Soviet- style pop meets juicy Doom- style remixes it’s veritably emotional. ”

  • How Important Driving Is There In Atomic Heart?

There’s only one auto model that you can drive directly, to reflect the lack of options that was in the real USSR. As for its uses, the director says that “ It’s relatively handy when you need to get down from a large number of adversaries while squashing a many robots. Or if you do not want to spend a lot of time exploring areas on bottom. Of course, it’s not a game about diurnal life in a big megacity where you use a auto to get from point A to point B, but it’s a wide world and a auto is accessible. perhaps in the DLC, we’ll add further vehicles like motorcars and tractors but that is further for fun rather than what we should have concentrated on in this game.”

  • Is The World Completely Open From The Launch? How Big Is It?

The devs say that “ the world of Atomic Heart is relatively large, but creating a fully open world does not always work well. We were aiming for further narrative thickness then, but not to turn it into a huge chart with points of interest where you go from one issue to the coming, fully forgetting about the story. ”

“ Beyond that, we wanted to recreate the mood of a” unrestricted, secret installation” where the entrances and exits are precisely guarded. It’s important to understand that laboratories and other structures aren’t only above ground, but alsobelow.However, it most nearly resembles a mushroom tree, raying out and going by all directions, If you imagine this world and try to compare it to commodity. ”

Bagratuni continues, “ When the player exits the first underground complex, where he’s just beginning to immerse in the story and understand the strengths of his character, an open world awaits them. There are numerous intriguing homes in the open world and also precisely hidden voluntary locales. We’re now seeing just one of them. There are relatively a lot of similar places, but you’ll have to make an trouble to find them. ”

“ Piecemeal from that you can walk, swim, drive in any direction, look for isolated places where you can find commodity precious, and collect the stories of the occupants of the world and everything that will help you to understand the plot more deeply. There is plenitude to do in Atomic Heart’s world. relatively importantly, the trip through Atomic’s world is flawless with no lading defenses. ”

  • Are There Environmental Story Objects To Find?

Atomic Heart is a story- concentrated game as Mundfish explains “ The narrative is the main driving force behind the game. The story is told both through the terrain and the huge quantum of dialogue between the main characters. This includes general logic about what’s passing, getting tasks, the connections between the characters, and a large number of cutscenes that immerse you in the world and the events of the game ”

In Bagratuni’s opinion, the story in Atomic Heart “ is the strongest aspect of the game ”. As for influences, they were “ inspired by numerous dystopia novels from the 30s
80s, by the great masters of wisdom fabrication. The story has both ridiculous and deeply philosophical issues, drama, operative and twists. ”

  • What’s The Balance Between Combat, Story, And Mystifications?

Bagratuni wants to keep players guessing throughout Atomic Heart “ We wanted to make a game that will surprise you all the time during the whole end- to give new fresh sensations, events, and locales. It’s a kind of rollercoaster of feelings. At first, everything is bright and joyous, also it’s a horror where you are spooked to make a step, also when you are stronger and understand how it all workshop, the game changes the pace, pushing you against new opponents and events. ”

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