How To Use OBS For Absolute Beginners?

Complete Guide To Use OBS:

obs gamers dignity

What is OBS?

Open Broadcasting Software(OBS) is a set of streaming tool that enables the user to stream their relative content on any platform they want. Obs operates in almost all like Windows, Mac, and Linux. There are various uses of OBS as being an incredible tool to record and even to stream video, gameplay, movies directly into various platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and others.

Step By Step Process:

Firstly, you will need to open obs if you have it on your device or else download it from its official website. After you have downloaded it install it the process is really simple so I haven’t elaborated on it. When you have downloaded Obs on your system and open it for the first time it looks like this.

obs gamers dignity

Then continuing with the beginner’s guide, you can see the”source” box where there is + button clicking that makes you add the source to capture. Like if you want to capture the game you are playing then you may go to Source>+>Game Capture see how simple it is. There is a lot of capture source available for you like Audio input/output capture, Browse/Color source, Display capture, Game capture, Media Source, Text, Scene and a lot of it.

So for this article lets go with the display capture as shown in the image below,

obs gamers dignity

Then you have to go to create new and even never forget to check ” Make Source visible” as if you didn’t do it your source won’t be visible on your streaming screen. You even have the authority to select the monitor as you wish only if you have 2 or more than two monitors attached. Now if you have planned to record a video game that you play and stream to various platforms select “Game Capture” just like before as you have done in capture display. Isn’t it easy? To delete source you can select – sign and Up and down arrows change the priorities of the sources.

Obs also records desktop audio which would be helpful in streaming games, streaming movies and a lot of stuff. Its simple to even operate Microphone head towards Mixer and click to settings as shown in the image below

obs gamers dignity

Go to Mix/Aux and select properties from the drop-down menu after where you can choose the microphone that you can use. To the right of OBS, you can see Control from where you can Strat/Stop streaming and even do a lot of stuff. Studio mode is basically for professional streamers who can resize their image capture and even do a lot of things even while streaming.

Best & Optimized Settings For Better Performance:

Being a beginner you may not know about the settings you must apply initially I have shown it in a detail in the image I have captured below:

obs gamers dignity

The in-stream option you can select where you want to stream services your video like youtube, twitch and so on. For the server, you can choose auto or if you know the server near you then choose that as it will be faster streaming than real. Now in the case of Bitrateput 3500 decrease if your output is weak choose lower than it and encoder to hardware. Other things are as same as usual if you know something about audio and video then only change it or else your system may get a failure. FPS depends upon your system if you want smooth choose 30 FPS even than its fluctuating than lower FPS not less than 20.

Well, that’s it this is just a simple guide for absolute beginners to just to startup and to use OBS.  A guide for professional would be on the website as soon as possible to stay updated subscribe to our website.


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