Stream From Any Device And Earn

Streaming Games And Earning

Do you know even you can make money by playing a game?

Yes, its true fact that nowadays people are making a lot of money by streaming gaming videos on various platforms like YouTube Gaming, Twitch, Facebook and so on. Where earning money have just been as simple as drinking water which everyone can do. It has been made possible when various mobile to youtube streaming software has been launched. Do to the advancement of technologies a lot of things have now been available just we just need to know the simple process to operate them.


How To Stream and Earn:

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Go to :

Twitch is the favorite platform for the gamers where almost all the gamers all around the world stream their game like PUBG, Fortnite, GTA V and so on. So prefer twitch as there are millions and millions of viewers who are watching your content daily. So when you have a good setup then all you need to do speak so that users get attracted.

Click on Sign Up:

Clicking on sign up will redirect you to a new page where you have to give your info like username, email, birthdate, and email or sign up with Facebook. Then just below it, you have to verify Recaptcha. Done you have created your twitch account see how simple it is to earn.

Streaming Software:

There is a lot of software available on the market as free or premium there is software like StreamLabs, OBS, Xsplit, Bibo, Nvidia Shadowplay. But I myself being a Twitch streamer recommend you to use Open Broadcasting Software(OBS). As OBS is available to many platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux and even smartphones if you have a lot more knowledge on its use. In obs, you can create your own scene from various text, image, videos, windows, webcams and so on.

About Open Broadcasting Software(OBS):

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OBS has certain free tools which even help a newbie as you can directly stream on Twitch, Facebook and so on just with simple clicks and even really easy as it has help option and even startup guide. Using OBS you can directly capture your game screen, record your audio and even record your video and stream directly into Being a most simple its highly recommended as it sets up bitrates and all automatically. You even do not need an additional software to do this. Being free is its highly plus point where almost all users can’t afford the premium streaming software. Obs usually maintains the recording of your screen or capture game according to your system of yours. You just don’t need to panic all you need to do is setup OBS by going to its official website and enjoying its benefits just for free.

There are a lot more benefits consider while streaming with OBS studio is user-friendly, there are lots of customization in quality/performance/usability and so on. Even Obs records your gameplay with using a little bit of ram. And the best part of using OBS is its 100% free and even really awesome and highly used platform for streaming.


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