SEE Result 2075/76 is Now Published !!!

Kathmandu: The National Examination Board (SEO) has announced that the result of SEE (Secondary Education Exam) operating last year will be publicly published after some time. The national examination board has started at the meeting of SEE conducted by the last 10 years of the past year. The meeting that started from 2 p.m. will be decided to publish the results. The meeting is somewhat delayed on Thursday at the end of the board at 1 am and the final preparations for publishing the result.

The SEE examination of this year’s SEA had participated in the examination of the total number 47575 examination examinations. In view of the results of the examination, 1600 Dial-up National Examination Board has said that the results will also be seen through the SMS and the internet. Examination controller Ambika Prasad Regmi informed the results of the examination office and Nepal Telecom website. For the results, the bard site can be found at website of the examination control office of Smallthimi Bhaktapur.,, Education Department of Education Department,, Educational Institute,, and Encyclopedia of National Institute of Vodafone Vardhyoti Bhaktapur. The bard can be found at by visiting the examination results. This time the examination Board will publish state-wise results in seven states. The candidates who do not understand the results will be able to apply for revenues within 15 days.


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