How To Optimize SEO In 2018/19?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The word SEO is not new to the bloggers and website makers but its totally confusing to the newbies as its regarded as the process of showing up your website to different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, duckduckgo and so on. Where websites are ranked according to many factors but in those tons of factors SEO matters a lot. There is a simple understanding that when a user has higher online visibility it gains more traffics and users engagements with a certain website.

Search Engine is optimized when a post writer(author) writes content with beauty and even uses focus keyword on first paragraphs, use perfect meta description, use focus keyword on a slug, and so on which would be discussed further. Here we have to know about SEO and how to optimize it to rank higher in search engines. So, we will use Yoast SEO for this process as its best plugin and freely available as a WordPress plugin.

What is Yoast SEO & How It Works?

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Yoast SEO is simply a plugin for WordPress which is available in both free and premium version and is the topmost plugin. This is used by almost all the websites made on WordPress just because it’s really effective in making your SEO optimize and to rank higher in various search engines. There are just a few simple steps to install Yoast SEO on your WordPress website. On the left sidebar Click on Plugins>Add New> Click On Search Bar>Yoast SEO>Install>Activate>Enjoy.

As there are various features which are included in Yoast SEO some of them may be left behind keyword optimization is also performed in Yoast where the keyword which you have chosen would be made. In such a way that it gets more traffic to it and site ranks higher in search engines.

Features Of Yoast SEO:

Prevents duplicate content and even does readability check where the content your writing about may have already been written by someone else. So your content may be plagiarized so it does duplicate content check and even readability check. Creates free sitemaps, creating a free sitemap have now been easier using Yoast SEO as its the only plugin which make user easier to make their sitemaps and even to index. Yoast provides an ad-free service as being an awesome and highly reputed website it does not use ads.

Yoast SEO is regarded as a focus keyword expert as it has alerts with the smiley face when its red means your SEO is bad when its yellow means acceptable but lastly Green means awesome where you can challenge the other websites. It makes the user input focus keyword almost at all places like the first paragraph, meta description, site title and so on. And lastly Yoast has availability of 24/7 support or assistance if you need any instant help and you are lucky to not get in that 7 so you will get an instant help from a Yoast SEO expert.

So, as a conclusion its highly recommended from my side to install a Yoast SEO not just because its installed by eveyone but it has a lot of features which is free but some are premium. So if you want your website to rank higher than usual so use Yoast premium.

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