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Normally creating a beautiful and professional website requires a professionalism in various programming languages, effective tools, ideas about plugins, critical thinking ability, a suitable platform, highly skilled authors and so on. But creating websites nowadays have been the easiest task due to modern methods. Here there are various steps to the website for the absolute beginner in year 2018/19. Where you can create your own website and start your web journey. There are only a few simple steps that you must do while creating a new website.

  1. Open your Chrome/Mozilla.
  2. Go To  -> create a new website 
  3. Sign Up for a wp with your Gmail account.
  4. Create your WordPress profile or simply use google id.
  5. Then a window opens where you have to choose your own domain name.
  6. Choose the theme you want.
  7. The domain you have chosen looks like
  8. Then click on create a new post.
    That’s if you have created your website simply in 7 steps here and it even won’t take you longer than that in WordPress. There are various and lots of disadvantages which even are listed below:


    Everything in wordpress is free as creating a website you need to pay a lot for the custom domain name, hosting and so on. But in the case of WordPress its simple and baby work. As is the company made by Google it provides really fast and reliable tools and even platforms to the users to make their own websites and earn from it. To secure in other platforms we have to use a lot of plugins if in WordPress but here google provides security of the website. In Blogger you get availability of free themes due to which you should not buy the theme created by others and waste money instead you can use a theme which lies in there.


    As your domain name have which is not well SEO optimized which make your website lack behind from custom high range domains like .com .net .org and so on. In WordPress, the revenue is not like 55% yours and 45% of Google AdSense as it is in blogger where if you earned 100$ writing a blog post then in your account balance would be shown ad 55$. Rather you get 68% revenue and 32% is for AdSense. These are disadvantages as the only handful of people write blog posts for the sake of knowledge and entertainment.

 Drag and Drop:

gamers dignity website


Which is possible in WIX, Simbla, Webly, Mobirise and so on. Where you have many tools and it is encoded so it would be easier to just drag a simple header you want. In these websites, you can create your own blog site of a website within few hours but creating a website by programming takes about a week and does not seems as professional as created through those websites look.
A personal web hosting is provided and even personal design and interactive through which you can make an awesome website and write eye-catching content to it. But here you will get an only useless domain like which is completely useless as no one will go to such sites. And even SEO would not be so good that means you are not ranked on Google.

Advantages and disadvantages are similar but here there is another disadvantage that your site would not get quick approval from AdSense so you must write a unique content with around 500+ words which even seems attractive to your blog post readers. By following these methods you can easily make your own website and go rule the world.

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