HTC: Current State of Smart Phone Gitant

If you didn’t know already, High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC), the company based on Taiwan that was at the top of the market as one of the best smartphone makers of the world is on the decline at this point. Just think about it, when was the last time you saw someone carrying an HTC phone apart from an HTC fanboy?

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The main selling product of HTC is their phones. The HTC Dream was the first phone in the world to ship with an Android OS. It came in about the same time as the first iPhone and for that time period it was a pretty decent phone and was well received as well. HTC also was the first phone to use dual rear cameras in a smartphone first with the HTC Evo 3D and later with the HTC One M8 also known as the HTC M8 which was also the phone of the year of 2014 rated by many and with plenty good reason. The company has had other great phones such as the HTC M7, HTC 10 among others by which were adored by both critics and fans alike but it also has had flops such as the M9, HTC U Ultra both of which were panned by critics and even the customers loyal to the company were disappointed by the product. With new companies emerging especially, Chinese smartphone makers such as Huawei, MI, Oppo, One-Plus among others have taken up the market by storm with their affordable mid-range phones whose price and features seem to agree with the customers more than ever therefore depriving companies such as HTC of the smartphone market-share. The features offered by companies like HTC in the same price range as a MI or Huawei phone is far less appealing. This may be to improve their profit margin or because of their old school development style or even if to maintain quality of the products not giving customers half-developed features, whatever the reason may be, the end result remains the same that the others offer a lot more for a lot less.

htc news gamers dignity

It’s not only the market and some disappointing phones that was the problem, HTC laid off nearly a one fourth of its workforce by cutting 1,500 jobs in its manufacturing unit in Taiwan. Google, for whom the company manufactured some Nexus phones and also the infamous Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL phones bought a large chunk of HTC’s research and development team for a whopping $1.1 billion. The president of the smartphone department, Chialin Chang who was largely involved with the company’s success stepped down citing a personal career in 2017. Also, the company’s revenue dropped down 62% from 2017. The company was also recently dropped from the Taiwanese Stock Exchange’s list of 50 largest firms. It’s still a part of the stock market, but HTC’s days of blazing profits are behind it.

htc news gamers dignity

HTC is still developing phones but not as much as they used to do. Last year’s HTC U12+ was a powerful flagship with a very good camera and specs sheet but failed to deliver some of its promises and their lack of presence in the market like earlier probably hurt the sales of these products as well. All that being said, the company still spends a lot of their time and resources on new innovations like manufacturing sapphire glass for a smartphone which was a great feat on its own. The company also revealed the world’s first blockchain phone last year, the HTC EXODUS which will be on sale soon. A new Vive product called the Vive Focus Plus will be releasing soon worldwide and not just in China this time around. The company is also currently working to incorporate 5G technology which will give users a very high-speed internet connection and also other benefits that come along with the 5G technology. Here’s to hoping that HTC will step up its game and lead the market soon with new great phones along with other brilliant products that the loyal fans of the company so desperately want to see.

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