Download Hitman Freelancer (2023) Free On PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Download Hitman Freelancer (2023) Free On PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

  • System Requirements!

<Recommended Conditions!>

Processor – Intel Pentium III/ AMD Athlon MP.
Graphics – AMD Radeon X300 Series or NVIDIA GeForce 9300.
RAM – 0 MB.
HDD  – 0 MB.

  • Introduction!

Freelancer mode is a roguelike game mode in Hitman 3 that provides players with an endless occasion to try unique operations with real consequences. There’s a lot further to the game mode than you might suppose, however, which is why we ’ve put together this companion to explain how Freelancer mode works in Hitman 3.

  • Base of Operations!

When you enter Freelancer mode, you take control of Agent 47 in his safe house. This is a position where you can walk around and customize each room. further than that, however, it’s where you ’ll plan which evil association you ’re taking down next. So rather of the standard planning screen, then, you pick and sort through operations to produce a set that you ’ll have to complete. You also need to walk around the safe house and pick out the suit, munitions, and any other particulars you want to take with you. There are consumables you can acquire that will help you in your operations, but they ’re finite.

  • A New Experience Every Time!

When you ’ve picked an association to attack, you ’ll need to assemble a set of operations. These will task you with killing several targets across all of Hitman 3’s locales. First, you ’ll need to kill the lower- position henchmen of the association to draw out the master. also, you ’ll be given a charge to take out the head foreman formerly and for all. The only catch is that you do n’t know who the master is, and there are fresh retired adversaries with important munitions on the chart chosen for this charge. likewise, if the leader catches wind that you ’re after them, they ’ll try to flee, so covert is necessary. Luckily, you can control the position the master is in by choosing to take out the other targets in alternate locales first, leaving your asked position as where the master will appear.

You need to complete these operations in order, and if you fail one by dying, the entire set will be deleted. You ’ll also lose all of the gear you had in that charge, including any consumables you had to make unborn operations easier. still, you can buy further from suppliers in each charge using the finances earned by completing operations away. The only thing to do formerly you ’ve failed is try a different evil association and hope that you can kill its leader.

  • What’s The Release Date For Freelancer Mode?

Soon after its advertisement, IO Interactive suggested that Freelancer Mode would release for Hitman 3 at some point in the alternate half of 2022. still, in a follow- up blog post about the game mode, the inventor revealed that it’s now aiming to release it on January 26, 2023. This will come after a unrestricted specialized test for a many hand- picked players on Steam to insure the mode is ready for all players to dive into on release day. Details on this specialized test will be participated on October 27, and it’ll do eventually in November.

In details, as per the advertisement, Hitman Freelancer will go live on January 26, 2023.

Players will have to buy and maintain their gear, by taking on operations to earn further plutocrat and buy outfit for the coming one, rather than the story- grounded structure of the main game.

Still, there ’ll also be the possibility of losing munitions and gear – given you ’ll have a limited capacity, and this time leaving your stuff in the position means it’s gone for good( or, at least, until you can buy a new bone.)

There ’ll be randomised rudiments in these operations, but importantly – while the mode will give players the information they need to succeed – there’s no guarantee that an ideal will inescapably be possible.

Rather, it ’ll be down to players to insure they elect the right outfit, or choose the right rudiments, to insure they meet the criteria to get paid. In other words planning will be crucial.

Hitman Freelancer will be available to all Hitman World of Assassination possessors from January 26.

  • Hitman 3 Rebranding makes It Easier To Buy All Three Games!

Back when the first entry in IO Interactive’s World of Assassination trio of Hitman games launched, the plan was always to treat it more as a platform that could be streamlined and serve as the base of unborn games. Given how successful this ultramodern Hitman trio has been, IO’s sweats have paid off although it arguably came more delicate to tell exactly what you were paying for considering all three games can be bought independently.

IO seems to suppose effects have got a little too confusing, which is why it’s enforcing a simplified rebranding and making some crucial changes. On January 26, Hitman 3 will be renamed Hitman World of Assassination and include access to the former two Hitman games. This will also come the sole option you can buy, meaning beginners can safely buy it knowing they ’re getting all three games inone.However, the game will be freely upgraded to World of Assassination across all platforms, If you formerly enjoy Hitman 3.

As IO totalities it up on its website, “ All new players and being Hitman 3 possessors will have the same base content power. There will be no further confusion over which edition to buy, what content you enjoy, how to redeem heritage packs or import locales,etc. ”

From there, you can buy the World of Assassination Deluxe Pack that consists of the Hitman 3 Deluxe Pack, the Hitman 3 Seven Deadly Sins Collection, and the Hitman 2 Expansion Access Pass.

While all of this will make the process more straightforward for beginners, IO aims to be a bit more flexible with being players so as to avoid forcing them tore-buy pieces of content they formerly paid for. As similar, it’s furnishing these players a “ complete the set ” option on Steam that lets them buy any DLC packs they do n’t own, while other platforms will admit the individual DLC packs in the in- game store at a reduced price.

Incipiently, IO states that all these changes have been made with the game’s Freelancer roguelike mode in mind, which is also launching on January 26. All by each, this does make playing and copping
Hitman clear- cut. Now you know precisely what you ’re getting if you buy Hitman, which is all three games, with the option to invest in the fresh DLC if you wish.

  • Gameplay!

Freelancer is the biggest new game mode coming to HITMAN ™ III as part of the Time 2 update. It’ll include a new addition chart as part of the game mode which is 47’s new safehouse. This position is effectively where 47 has been abiding since Providence was destroyed and the International Contract Agency was exposed to the world.

This playable space is an entirely different type of position and nothing has noway been erected like it ahead. It’s customizable and allows players to choose exactly how they want 47 to live. As one progresses through Freelancer, further areas of the Safehouse can be uncorked and new customization options will come available.

Freelancer gives players a patient and infinitely replayable experience that’s entirely their own, from customizing 47’s safehouse to match their style or mood, configuring and strategically planning for juggernauts through to picking a playstyle with all of their gear on the line.

  • 47’s Safehouse!

Inside the safehouse, players can configure and customize to their exact specifications and spend as important time as they want there. Whether one wants to pick out a new suit for 47, change the safehouse music, browse and test munitions at the blasting range or make changes to your scenery, it’s all possible. The Safehouse is also an important space because all of the player’spre-mission planning takes place there.

After exploring the safehouse, it’s time to work. 47 will have access to a” charge mecca” where he can view all of the presently available Freelancer juggernauts, each one representing a felonious enterprise that’s prominent across the World of Assassination. It’s entirely the player’s choice which crusade you pick and each bone
will take you on a globetrotting crusade to a selection of locales.

  • Mechanics!

For each crusade, the player needs to choose the order they want to play the operations. After each charge, they ’ll return to the safehouse to restock, resupply and strategically plan their coming move. Whichever position they leave until last will be where they ’ll corner the Leader of the enterprise. Blow cover, exclude, and the crusade is complete. After the player gets paid, they will ultimately return to their safehouse.

Crusade operations have been reworked to fit the Freelancer mode. For illustration, locales will have new NPC types, that can either help or hamper the player’s progress. Suppliers will offer a selection of munitions and particulars that you can acquire to increase your chances of success, whereas other NPCs will warn Leaders and make your job more delicate. In addition to these NPCs, there are several other rudiments that will make the Freelancer juggernauts unique. The player will be suitable to find strongboxes, hidden caches and indeed other NPC Cutthroats.

Unlike the main Hitman crusade, the player’s gear in Freelancer isn’t patient since there’s no direct force from the ICA presently. Anything brought on a charge and won’t be brought back to the safehouse will be lost. An illustration would be if a player in the history has been attached to an ICA- 19 Silverballer ahead, and if it has been left it in a place, like Dartmoor, it’s gone for good. Looking for gear at a Supplier is one way to restock the player’s force, or replace a lost treasure. Consumables, similar as snares or bane hypes, will also need to be restocked formerly used as 47 doesn’t have the resupply from ICA presently.

  • Unlockable Particulars & Suits!

The Ornamental Dynamo.
The Ornamental Assault Rifle.
The Ornamental Katana.
The Ornamental Shotgun.
The Ornamental SMG.

  • New Charts!


  • Mastery!

<Mastery Position 2!>

Wardrobe( Safehouse Area).
Increase In Gear Capacity( 1 Fresh Niche).

<Mastery Position 3!>

Motivational Bills( Safehouse Cosmetic).

<Mastery Position 4!>

Restroom( Safehouse Area).
Increase In Gear Capacity( 1 Fresh Niche).

<Mastery Position 5!>

The Ornamental Dynamo( Gear).

<Mastery Position 6!>

Stairs( Safehouse Area).
Increase in Gear Capacity( 1 Fresh Niche).

<Mastery Position 7!>

Wardrobe( Safehouse Cosmetic).
Classical Music( Safehouse Cosmetic).

<Mastery Position 8!>

Garage( Safehouse Area).
Minimum Furniture( Safehouse Cosmetic).

<Mastery Position 9!>

Merces( Admit an quantum of Merces).
New Vehicle Unlock Garage( Motorcycle)( Safehouse Cosmetic).

<Mastery Position 10!>

The Ornamental Assault Rifle( Gear).

<Mastery Position 11!>

Increase In Gear Capacity( 1 Fresh Niche), Infirmary( Safehouse Cosmetic).
Living Room( Safehouse Cosmetic).

<Mastery Position 12!>

Outside( Safehouse Cosmetic).
New Vehicle unleash Outside( Boat)( Safehouse Cosmetic).
Shed( Safehouse Cosmetic).
Outside( Safehouse Cosmetic).

<Mastery Position 13!>

Firing Range( Safehouse Area).
Firing Range( Safehouse Cosmetic).

<Mastery Position 14!>

New Vehicle Unleash Outside( Copter)( Safehouse Cosmetic).

<Mastery Position 15!>

The Ornamental Katana( Gear).

<Mastery Position 16!>

Vault( Safehouse Area).

<Mastery Level 17!>

Motivational Bills( Safehouse Cosmetic).
Modern Art( Safehouse Cosmetic).
Mission Control( Safehouse Cosmetic).

<Mastery Position 18!>

Modern Furniture( Safehouse Cosmetic).
Fantastic Music( Safehouse Cosmetic).

<Mastery Position 19!>

Merces( Admit An Quantum Of Merces).

<Mastery Position 20!>

The Ornamental Shotgun( Gear).

<Mastery Position 21!>

Office( Safehouse Area).
Increase In Gear Capacity( 1 Fresh Niche).

<Mastery Position 22!>

Gym( Safehouse Area).
New Vehicle Unlock Garage( Hearse)( Safehouse Cosmetic).

<Mastery Position 23!>

Mission Control( Safehouse Cosmetic).
Restroom( Safehouse Cosmetic).
Outside( Safehouse Cosmetic).

<Mastery Position 24!>

Minimum Furiture( Safehouse Cosmetic).
Mastery Position 25.
The Ornamental SMG( Gear).

  • Destinations!

Freelancer will support 19 out of 22 destinations from the World of Assassination( 1), with only the ICA Facility, Hawke’s Bay, and Carpathian Mountains not available for Freelancer operations. Sniper homicide charts and perk charge variants, similar as A House erected on Beach, are also not available.

In HITMAN ™ III, all of the codenames for destinations in Freelancer mode are grounded on games. Then’s the complete list of destinations and their codenames.




PokerAmbrose Island.
HiloHaven Island.


CheckersICA Facility( Not Available To Play In Freelancer).
WhistIsle Of Sgàil.
TintarCarpathian Mountains( Not Available To Play In Freelancer).

<North America!>

BlackjackNew York.
SolitaireWhittleton Creek.


HexHawke’s Bay( Not Available To Play In Freelancer).

<South America!>

TrompoSanta Fortuna.

  • Trivia!

The launch of HITMAN ™ III Freelancer mode will officially be on January 26, 2023. It’ll arrive as a free update for all HITMAN ™ III possessors.

The release schedule of the Freelancer Closed Technical Test was launched on November 3rd, 2022, where players with an assignation could have access to test the beta gameplay of the game mode.

The term’ Freelancer’ specifies this game mode takes place eventually after the HITMAN ™ III epilogue, with 47 and Diana no longer working with the ICA.

The Safehouse is where 47 has been abiding since Providence was destroyed and the ICA was exposed to the world. It’s presently unknown how 47 and Diana gained access to the Safehouse, but it’s assumed they acquired its position shortly after they went Freelance.

When playing Freelancer, consumables similar as snares and bane hypes, now need to be restocked as there’s no direct force from the ICA presently with 47 and Diana going Freelance.


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