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A cat is still a cat even in this gameplay trailer for Stray, will release  2022

Stray gameplay

In Stray, you assume the role of a cat, which may not sound as interesting as your normal AAA high-octane average game, but is undeniably more adorable. This is a third-person adventure game in which you traverse a dystopian metropolis via exploring, platforming, and solving puzzles. Once you locate B12, you will be able to utilize some things and even defend yourself against the swarming Turks. The only alternative to employing B12 to defend oneself is to flee or shrug them off when they attack.

Thanks to B12’s translations, it appears there are several opportunities for the player to interact. In the trailer, the cat handed a sheet of paper to a street musician, and the robot began playing music on its guitar as the main character cuddled with a cushion (so cute).

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Stray is not necessarily a “platforming” game based on what we’ve seen, due to the lack of precision required. Simply click the button that appears, and you’ll be sent there. There are both benefits and negatives to consider. One advantage is that it makes the cat’s jumps appear elegant, as they should. The disadvantage is, of course, that the player loses a possible gaming aspect. Stray is more of an adventure-puzzle game than a platforming game overall. I’m afraid since Stray doesn’t appear to be extremely challenging, I hope that the Zurk pursuit moments are as entertaining as they appear.

Cyberpunk cat adventure Stray gets a gameplay trailer and July release date  | PC Gamer

Stray has an overarching storyline and an “old secret” to solve, according to the game’s developer. In Stray, the act’s purpose is to escape the walled cybercity it resides in, and it will seek the aid of a little drone named B-12 to do so. Earned at some point in the game, the flying robotic companion is worn as a harness and may interact with technology. It functions as both a lantern and a translator, allowing it to communicate with humanoid robots in the city and aid with fetch quests and errands. Through these journeys, the cat will learn more about the planet and its people by unlocking memories.

Stray’s narrative and accessible memories were kept secret during our preview by BlueTwelve Studio to protect the tale. The focus of our examination of the game was on its mechanics, such as puzzle-solving and contextual jumping. Stray is not a difficult platformer, but rather allows players to hop from platform to beam to air conditioning window unit to improvised gondolas without fear of plunging to their deaths. At least one exciting chase scenario was also promised: what appeared to be Half-Life headcrab larvae followed the cat through sewers. BlueTwelve Studio goes to uncommon and astonishing efforts to market the possibility to play as a cat in a video game. The protagonist of Stray walks like a cat, purrs like a cat, startles like a cat, and even gets the zoomies like a cat. The ability to leisurely explore a 3D, semi-open environment with the grace and sass of a cat is an enormously alluring premise for a game. The rest feels like gravy. Or, if you are a cat, you would eat wet food.

Stray will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC on July 19 via publisher Annapurna Interactive. In the meanwhile, please view the Stray picture collection provided below. There are some quite attractive items in there. It is difficult to think of anyone who has spent more time with their cats over the past few years than BlueTwelve’s producer Swann Martin-Rate and his team. Level artist Clara Perrissol and her cat Jun, animator Miko and his pet Oscar, studio cofounders Koola and Viv and their “kid” Murtaugh, and Martin-Rate and his cats Tao and Lici spent many hours tracking the precise motions of their feline counterparts, even cat naps.

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“Eighty percent of the crew has cats,” adds Martin-Rate. We are very close to and intimately familiar with our pets.

Stray is the outcome of this labor of love, and it will be published by Annapurna Interactive on July 19. In May, EW joined a group of reporters to sample new gameplay (seen in the video above) and discover more about pop culture’s next summertime feline hero. The idea is rather mysterious, and deciphering it is an integral part of the experience. The player assumes the character of an unnamed stray cat who finds himself in a weird cyber-city populated by robots and is on a journey to return to his family. Parts of this stylized, neon-lit world are overtaken by nature. The objective is to solve these riddles with the assistance of a little robot companion named B12, who appears a bit later in the plot, but the actual delight is simply being a cat.

Stray for PS5 shows the skills of the cat protagonist in a gameplay trailer  - Market Research Telecast

When playing as an unidentified orange cat, you may be your most real and obnoxious cat self, or you can take an indefinite sleep on your journey through a metropolis populated by machines. Relax while doing nothing and contributing nothing. These acts (or inactions) demonstrate the developer’s dedication to cat realism in Stray, a game in which players will experience a type of power dream of a carefree feline existence.

Stray’s level design has a great deal of verticality, and the developer looks to be investigating every facet of navigating a world as a cat, from platforming to communicating with other characters. In addition to the aforementioned meow button, players may scratch at doors to attract the attention of homeowners and business owners. As is typical for cats, the cat may use its mouth to pick up tiny objects, such as a bucket, or its paws to knock things off ledges.

During one demonstration puzzle-solving scenario, the cat pushed over paint cans from a roof ledge, shattering a glass barrier and gaining entry to a new region. Not all of Stray’s cat habits are completely gameplay-related; players may claw at rugs and couches using alternating L2 and R2 trigger presses on a PlayStation controller, similar to how they would paw at doors. Alternately, they can knock over stacks of books or paint cans at their leisure, traversing the chaos and leaving colorful paw prints as they go through the stages. It appears like a significant portion of the attraction of Stray will consist in doing Cat Stuff.

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