Last Day On Earth Mod APK

Last Day On Earth Mod APK

Gamers Dignity Last Day On Earth Mod apk


Last Day On Earth Mod APK: Are you wondering about zombie game which is fully addictive to you? Yes, last day on earth is the great choice for you. Last Day On Earth is pretty much a survival game where there would be a zombie outbreak. Here an unknown infection is spread all over and human are being rivals with each other. It is a game where you have a build a base using wood, planks, stone, iron and so on where many zombie players and real-life players attack your base for some loot. So creators have added traps to it. You have to collect wood, stone, herbs, fruits, etc from others base and even have to fight with zombies for your safety.

Here in Last Day On Earth Mod APK, you will get a pre-built base through which you can safeguard your all collected loot. You have to play this game with everything you want daily like food, water, rest, poop, pee and so on due to which game has been more addictive and interesting to play. You can craft like the bat, swords and so on. Everything will be really handy to you as you have to face an enemy on every step of the game. The main role would be to defeat intruders to your land by using various mind-blowing traps.


  • Any Android Version can play.
  • 200 MB of storage should be available.
  • 1 GB of RAM should be available.

If you pass maps on the on west then you can play with 10 million players think of that moment where humans don’t care about each other and be cruel to each other. You will get unlimited kinds of stuff and items so that you can play freely and beat any player around the world.  Only a Last Day On Earth Mod can help you with that as in case of mod everything would be unlocked and it would be easy to play and even to survive on last day of earth. You will get an upgraded hero, fully equipped house and lots of weapons so that hunting humans and wildlife in this game would be easier.

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